The Globes

Daytrotter Session - Apr 16, 2012

The Globes – Daytrotter Session – Apr 16, 2012
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. Stay Awake
  3. Haunted By Bears
  4. A Stitch Couldn’t Save The World
  5. Long Distance Runaround

Sometimes, all we want are the easy answers, the ones that just jump out and bite us. We can feel the teeth go in, clamp down and then remove themselves from the incisions, dripping some drips of blood, the hot reality that it got us. We’re satisfied knowing what we learned, even if it hurt a little. There was no beating around the bush or circular logic, just simple and telling disclosure. It goes for the questions that are asked of us too. We’d rather that we were just hit with phrasings and queries that drove straight to the point and didn’t get jammed up with weird paralysis, a locking up of conjoined feelings and murky thoughts. We just want as easy as it gets. It’s what never happens. It is impossible to wring the truth out of most situations. It’s hard to see anything with much clarity. It eludes you again and again and you eventually quit looking for it and just decide to continue on with the charade, as you’ve always known it – some grand stumbling that gets to feel pretty damned natural.

Spokane, Washington, four-piece, The Globes, write songs that are for those of us who continue spending the time to try and work out the right combinations. We’ve got our one good ear glued to the safe and we’re listening for the clicks in the mechanism, trying to crack it. The music is both effervescent and mathematical, delivering both adventuresome qualities that sound slightly crazy and then all kinds of moments that are wonderfully calculated and precise in any number of very technically advanced ways – making it all seem like the scientists and philosophers have gotten so close to what they’ve been seeking for so long and then seen all of their findings decimated all over the place and they decide to sweep it all together and make it something very listenable. The Globes boys have a way of taking us into extreme versions of situations, where a decision has to be made, where there is a set of circumstances and there’s a need for the right conclusion to be made.

“Haunted By Bears” is such a set of circumstances and the song plays out like a weekly nightmare sequence of someone who has just seen “Grizzly Man,” and can imagine the chilling audio of that mauling. They sing, “Everyone knows to play dead, but you don’t/So you stay in your room and you’re torn apart.” The song tells us at the beginning, in the middle and at the end that the time-honored advice is to just play dead and you stand the best chance of not getting ripped to shreds. The lesson never sinks in and the bear gets his dinner. Elsewhere, it’s sung, “Look what proverbs do to me,” and the answer is something close to, “They get me eaten by bears when I don’t want to be.”