The Lower 48

Daytrotter Session - Jan 22, 2014

The Lower 48 – Daytrotter Session – Jan 22, 2014
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. Jack In The Pulpit
  3. Lion’s Den
  4. That’s What I’ll Say
  5. Lovin’ Man
  6. Travelin’ Tune

The Lower 48 singers Ben Braden and Sarah Parson often sound like honeybees that have struck out into the cold to come to some sort of conclusion about the flickers and brief hopes that seem sweet and bitter. The elements blow onto them, tipping them, leaving them drenched, leaving them spinning, but they’re closer to where they feel they need to be, it sounds on these tender nods to our disconcerting, but brilliantly flapping confidence. They sing, ” The judgment of the damned will take your open hand,” but there’s more than just the damned that will come after your hands if you leave them open. This is what they’re hoping for.