The Mowgli's

Daytrotter Session - Apr 25, 2013

The Mowgli’s – Daytrotter Session – Apr 25, 2013
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. The Greate Divide
  3. Emily
  4. Time
  5. San Francisco

If you’ve ever wondered if any of us dumb human beings could ever hold sway over the sun, a milky sky or the moon’s pull, Los Angeles band The Mowgli’s might be proof positive that you need not wonder any further. They must be in control. They put a resounding claim to the powers of positive thinking, even when they’re down in the mouth about the context that they’re living in, or the context of what they’re experiencing. Sure, there’s always going to be something to grouse about.

There are always going to be shit people that you have to deal with – those who just don’t get that they’re carrying around black hearts and wormy souls. There are always going to be disasters and disappointments to smooth over, but how quickly they can be smoothed when you can force the iron and lift general spirits as The Mowgli’s can. They’ve no time for wallowing or considering the hardships any further than they can throw them. The fog will burn off and the goods will reveal themselves. The views will return. They sing, “I will smile and keep you close,” and it’s something like a rule of thumb for these cheer makers. Nothing’s solved and there will be more ordeals to parse through, but the battle can be partially won when there’s a dismissal of the grey clouds as nothing more than some pest that should be neutered and brushed to the side, thought about no more.

The Mowgli’s write love letter after love letter to living to the fullest, to taking all of the deep breaths and making all of the big smiles that are supposed to be yours, no matter what anyone would ever say. They sing, “I don’t like time/Time is making me old/But I’m doing alright/Cause I’ll still be young tomorrow/And I can’t stand working all day/Work is wearing out my soul/I think I’ll go out tonight and I’ll call in sick tomorrow,” when thinking about the trajectory of societal woes and yet, the emphasis is on the rebellious stance of remaining young tomorrow despite all else.