The Mynabirds

Daytrotter Session - Sep 13, 2012

The Mynabirds – Daytrotter Session – Sep 13, 2012
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. Karma Debt
  3. Generals
  4. Disaster
  5. Body Of Work

The first time that Laura Burhenn of The Mynabirds visited us, it seemed that she was busy communicating about the bitter pill of love and all that it holds. This time, with her latest album, “Generals,” produced by the great Richard Swift, the Nebraskan songwriter makes us think that she’s got bigger fish to fry then just something silly like love and whatever tangents one can make and take from that action. She’s tackling the harder things to figure out – why people can’t just be decent and good, why love can’t be felt or why some folks must always feel powerless and voiceless, for as long as they live. We’d rather she tell it, with this impressive record. With the title track, Burhenn sings:I need a political jobIn a blue collar townSo I can pay my rentWhen the music is onI get my best blood drawnBut I haven’t made a dollar yetHaven’t I paid my dues yet?Calling all my GeneralsMy DaughtersMy RevolutionistsWe got strength in numbersAnd they’re gon’ to pay for itWe burn the money in our homesOh our books and bonesAre breaking down so fastBut they keep putting all our cashInto the next bloodbathHoney, tell you I am sick of itHaven’t we paid our dues yet?Hey all my sisters [YEAH]What you want [LOVE]And all my brothers [YEAH]What you got [LOVE]You wanna fix it [YEAH]Or fuck it upCome on fix itCause it’s been fuckedGet your black boots onBeat your marching drumWe’re gonna make ’em runWe’re gonna get ’em on the runSo get your warpaint onLet ’em know we’re out for blood With “Mightier Than The Sword,” once can’t help feeling that much of the talk in today’s political landscape helped to shape the vitriol when she sings:You’re not alone in anythingSo listen up, my loveA tiny town can tear you downBut the right word can build you upI know their razor blade namesCut into your armsAnd opened your veinsAnd you think,There’s nothing you could doThey haven’t already done to youIt’s hard enough in your bedroom calmTo fend off the hungry birds of preyAnd it’s a fresh assault when the news comes onAnother one gone todayYou study the lines in his faceHe looked just like youYour story’s the sameIs there anything I could sayTo make you stayLove who you loveNo matter whatNo matter how hard it may comeAnd I promiseYou’ll be loved, my loveNo matter whatYou’re mightier thanTheir sword sharp tonguesOh I promiseYou are lovedYes I promiseYou are lovedSo don’t give upWhen you forget the wordsI will sing them for youWhen I forget the wordsWill you sing them for me?When you forget the wordsI will sing them for you

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