The Shys

Daytrotter Session - Apr 18, 2009

The Shys – Daytrotter Session – Apr 18, 2009
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. She’s Already Gone
  3. The Hangman
  4. Mercy
  5. Two Cent Facts
  6. She’s Already Gone (alternate version)

The Shys come out of a fertile Californian hot bed of this soulful rock and roll revival, from the young legion of boys who have chosen to follow the rustic wisdom of the father, the dirt, the prospectors and the hopeless breeze and those who wish upon it for their salvation or what could amount to such a thing. They share common likes with friends like Delta Spirit and seem like brothers to this movement of taking the gritty feeling of greasy clothes and an empty wallet and rolling with it, making the idea into a lifestyle that feels like the Dust Bowl era or Bruce Springsteen’s interpretation of it through the tones of backwater blues and southern distortion, barking out the orders. It’s a light, cracking fire that keeps the smell of struggling, gasping wood in your nose and mind for an extended period of time. Lead singer Kyle Krone sings, “Shake, shake, shake these blues away from me,” on the band’s latest album, You’ll Never Understand This Band The Way That I Do and it holds this quivering, sad clatter that makes the blues in question sound as if there is a good amount of authenticity and punch to it and there’s the hint that all that needs to be done to get out of this seismic rut that’s draped a pallor or a drizzle over this guy trying to get from one day to the next. The music has heart and soul and what the band does with that heart and soul is it dances with it and allows it to heat its way into the microphone, wheel out of the amps and surge through the speakers with the kind of body of thunderstorm that makes a night into a dangerous mystery, but a wonder as well. It burns and it lights into the kinds of songs that make a person more appreciative of the feel that one gets from getting out of bed and re-establishing the direction that you might have discovered and put to rest before hitting the hay the night before. It’s about finding that driving passion and falling in love with lots of things and maybe one good person that is going to last and try for the same things. Krone also sings, “I feel like I found my savior,” and that’s probably not a god. That’s something else entirely and if we’ve figured that out – what or who that actually is, for him or ourselves – we’ve all won. The mixed up definition, the fuzzy lines and the lack of communication between the sought and the seeker are really what it’s all about and how we’re led there is the bitch and the icing. The Shys linger through and over all of it, giving a bunch of howling and biting memos that shouldn’t be ignored.