The Sights

Daytrotter Session - Aug 16, 2012

The Sights – Daytrotter Session – Aug 16, 2012
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. Mercy
  3. Anything To Anyone
  4. Left Over Right
  5. Easy Living
  6. Fool

One gets a sense that the men of The Sights get themselves into a lot of trouble – but they’d never call it trouble. For them, it’s the salt and the pepper shaken out onto a meal. It just adds that extra kick that they’ve been looking for. It’s masochistic, but it feels damned good to court the stuff. They figure that they should make things interesting while they’re around.

The Detroit, Michigan, band’s music acknowledges British Invasion garage pop as influences, but its tales are more along the lines of waking up in a hazy slog, finding the sleeping spot next to you empty and your wallet missing from the back pocket of the jeans that sit rumpled and defenseless in the corner. One gets a feeling that there are multiple levels of complication that filter through the daily workings and relationships of the people in these songs. Nothing’s ever as easy as it should be – or as it could be, forget the should as that’s presumptive as hell. A song such as “Easy Living” is an indication of the shakiness of the lives in question. A woman gives compliments and is sweet to the guy in question and immediately the red flags go up that something’s going on. It’s asked, “What gives here? You’ve never this nice to me. Things have never been this simple. There must be a catch.” It’s like there’s a shitstorm brewing in the west, bringing with it damaging winds and hail the size of softballs.

The guys sing, “This easy livin’s so hard to do/Easy livin’ I’m not used to/When you give me a compliment/To me it makes little sense/Puts me on the defense/Each time/I don’t know why.” It could be that this is the same woman from “Fool,” who is all kinds of bad news, but better judgment goes out the window when it gets late enough at night, after so many rounds. Some people are just tough to stop making out with. Most days are tough to navigate and that’s sorta what makes most of them enjoyable. We need the wild cards and the intangibility to make things feel like one glorious, getting pushed off the roof and into a pool kind of moment more often than we don’t.