The Spinto Band

Daytrotter Session - Feb 16, 2009

The Spinto Band – Daytrotter Session – Feb 16, 2009
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. Give Me Just A Little More Time / Sweet Escape / The Boys Are Back In Town
  3. Later On
  4. Pumpkins & Paisley
  5. Summer Grof

It’s not good to know too much about the people making the music you find stimulating and to be accurately your taste. It’s a disastrous way to work if you’re to write about those people later on, needing to portray the players as their music depicts them instead of showing them as the people that they just happen to be. Then again, that is music and the deciphering of it, the greater understanding of it is often enhanced when personal moments get tangled up in the details like spaghetti and shoelaces and there becomes no reliable way to sort it all out of the messy mess. The way you feel and the way that the writers and makers of those songs have become more of a part of the exchange and the open discourse, the more the music essentially can mean and the richer it can be. Vacating the Spinto Band members and how we personally have gotten to know them over the years from both of their incredibly idiosyncratic and poppy albums is next to impossible and there’s no better way to hear a record like Moonwink than to have it come at you on a personal level. Guitarist Jonathan Eaton has written about a number of albums on this very site and the ones that he chooses to do so with all bring with them references to either gardening or grilling out at the farmhouse that he and his Australian girlfriend rent. He takes to music that almost sets him in that frame of mind – to relax and to enjoy outdoor things – and sometimes he listens when he washes the dishes in his sink. Spending a week with lead singer Nick Krill in Philadelphia, during a sting of dastardly cold winter weather this past January, he shows himself as someone who is not a connoisseur of any one kind of sound or genre, but an appreciative listener of nearly everything under the sun, enthusiastically burning hand-compiled mixtapes of Cuban music featuring legends of Castro’s land that were virtually never known in America, save for in some very fringe circles. He’s refreshingly always upbeat, is skeptical of Kanye West, seems to have an affinity for gravitating toward beats and melodies no matter how odd, uses the term “snap” in place of a curse word better than anyone I’ve ever met and doesn’t like touching door handles with his bare hands. And that’s just two of the members of the band, bringing diverse personalities into the pot. All of those traits and treatments show themselves in the jangling and peppery songs that the Spintos are so good at creating. There’s confidence in insecurity and there’s adventure in precision in every one of the songs that the Delaware-based group puts together. There are coincidences, there is human conspiracy, there are surprise rainstorms, there’s young and out-of-control puppy love, there’s serious-found-the-one love, there’s adoration for the tickly impulse that happens when a familiar song makes you want to sing louder than an airplane, there’s splitting a six-pack, there’s all-night drives, and there is a wealth of good times arranged for all to have inside of every Spinto song.