The Spinto Band

Daytrotter Session - Sep 6, 2008

The Spinto Band – Daytrotter Session – Sep 6, 2008
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  1. Bookery Reading

A pizza party turned into an outing of titillating theatre of the upper-est crusts this past spring. Wanting not to come into the studio unprepared to knock brothas off their feet bones (not ready yet to perform the unbelievable “Summer Grof” from the fantastic new album Moonwink maybe), Delaware’s The Spinto Band brought in a near mint copy of the movie adaptation of “Gremlins 2: The New Batch,” written by David Bischoff, Chris Columbus and Charlie Haas and featuring the evil Mohawk sitting in an executive’s chair, flicking the ash of a cigarette onto the floor on the cover. It does not look good for our hero Gizmo, kids. Before this day, we had no reason to believe that The Spinto Band would be able to do this magnificent adaptation of a screenplay so much justice. As the grease and beer ran around in their bellies, they shed impeccable light and flair into this tale of metropolitan no-goodness and a cuddly, domesticated mogwai. You will be consumed by this thrilling rendition of one of the scene-setting moments for the film. You will smell the popcorn and be ordering your copy of this on VHS tape from Amazon before these eight and a half minutes are up.

A Note from The Spinto Band:
“A good bit of trivia — Howie Mandel was the original voice of Gizmo… Nick Krill has always wanted to be the next Howie Mandel.”

Player credits for this reading:
Voice actors — Sam Hughes, Jon Eaton, Nick Krill
Organist — Thomas Hughes
Pianist — Jeff Hobson
Conductor — Joe Hobson