The Tricks

Daytrotter Session - Nov 21, 2012

The Tricks – Daytrotter Session – Nov 21, 2012
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. 49 Mercury
  3. Part Time Lover
  4. On Trial
  5. Not Too Young

It’s something of a whirlwind that ushers all of us from our ill-conceived thoughts of our youthful years into that realm of being an old man. Even in the early 30s or 40s, we can start to feel that we’re hardly considered anything but dinosaurs and refuse. We go from feeling puffed out and full of shit to being only considered full of shit, while being more and more less so. It’s tough to put it all into context, or to keep it straight, but we begin to be sees as irrelevant at a fairly early age and it never really gets better. We just become coddled and patronized, ignored and discarded. We’re given discounts at restaurants and amusement parks, if for no other reason than it’s suspected that one of these upcoming days might be the very last meal or the very last trip to Six Flags and they’d hate to have charged a dying old man full price for the salad bar or the silly silo, if that was so.

The Tricks, a rock and roll four-piece from London, England, have written a song entitled, “Not Too Young,” that’s meant as an anthem from the kids to the older folks that — even though they’ve slept in til noon – it doesn’t mean that they don’t understand what’s going on. The young people in this song can convey the notion of aloofness and lackadaisical living, but still get to the crux of what everyone eventually learns. What we all eventually learn is that little really matters by itself, as unit amounts, and you’ll know it when you know it. You’ll eventually know what’s going to matter to you and what’s not. It’s not a disheartening thought or a big fuck you. It’s just there.

It’s more just a matter of priorities that everyone arrives at, when they’ve finally gotten themselves and their shambles figured out as best as they can. The Tricks sing that you, me, parents, drugs and the bodies don’t matter. It might be extreme, but it’s getting somewhere closer to the point. It’s the thought that, by themselves, everything is fairly irrelevant, but there’s some bond that happens that comes more into focus with every passing day. Maybe it’s just a fuck you to the particulars, to the particulars of others.