Young Fathers

Daytrotter Session - May 6, 2014

Young Fathers – Daytrotter Session – May 6, 2014
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  1. The Daytrotter Set

There’s a fair share of torment rippling through this continuous set from Young Fathers. These are the fevered dreams of men who are having a hard time figuring out what got into their beds, in their homes at night. They could swear there are snakes, or there are spooks. They’re sure that they’re being visited by spirits, or serpents. Somehow, the outdoors were allowed to get through the keyholes, or wiggled themselves under the doorjambs, through the cracks in the foundation. Certain moments lend themselves to the feeling of a party that’s gone just a little too far, when there’s a dark touch in the air and the next thing that’s going to happen is knives are going to be pulled, that or the windows are going to get blown out by the mounting tension. They create these pressurized moments that feel like you’re walking alone and you’ve suddenly picked up that there’s a mangy, devil dog tracking you, foaming and in no hurry to get those teeth into the bone. This is the party you’re invited to — the one that’s spinning obscenely, picking up steam and about to go completely haywire.

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