Zeb Dewar

Daytrotter Session - Jul 30, 2012

Zeb Dewar – Daytrotter Session – Jul 30, 2012
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. Black Lemons
  3. Black Boogie
  4. Swimming
  5. Mission Impossible

Somehow, when Zeb Dewar suggests that you get naked and go swimming in the moonlight, on the lake, you will consider it. It sounds like a proposition that’s just made after the dinner mints, after the dessert and the third glass of wine have gone down. You’ve got the lake, the full bellies and the possibility of cramps be damned. It’s too nice of a night and there’s a sense of adventure all about, even if it’s somewhat controlled, easy to miss if you weren’t looking for it.

The musician from Portland, Oregon, has a masterful way of writing about unorthodox relationships. Scratch that. It’s not the relationships that are unorthodox – it’s the people coaxing or abusing the relationships that are unorthodox. It’s just meant to be read that they are different. His songs are to be heard differently. We’re to pay closer attention to them, for these stories are much more than they seem. His stories are whales and icebergs. They are lazy evenings and confounding riddles. They are wise and deceptive. Damn. They’re just smart.

They’re more than just mere songs. It’s fine prose that could be studied, pored over. He writes a line such as, “I’m not sure where we are/But I try to be here,” tossing it off as it were nothing and us hacks out here just want to punch ourselves in the face and spit in our own burgers.

We leave you with more Dewar, in his own words, cause we’re just not that good, now that all of this has come to light. You’re better off only with him right now. Have a great night.

From “Black Lemons”:
“Black lemons for you love/Black lemons for you/And the horse that you rode in on/Will be the horse that pulls you through/Sour apples for me love/Sour apples for me/If you don’t like my peaches/Darlin’ don’t shake my tree/I think we can work it out love/It just takes some understanding/Next time you open up your mouth love/Just hush and let me put my hand in.”

From “Mission Impossible”:
“You are a headache/And you’re the night before/You are not the furnace/But you are the furnace door/Now my speakers are blown/You’re mission impossible/I can’t leave you alone.”