Daytrotter Session - Feb 14, 2018

Zeta – Daytrotter Session – Feb 14, 2018
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. Imbabura
  3. Completar
  4. Mochima
  5. Puy Puy

Have you ever wanted a post-rock band to just cut to the chase? To cut through the build-up and get straight to that apex of ecstasy? Zeta is your band. They’ve crafted an incredibly unique sound that wraps up the best parts of a few different genres. On the whole you could say they’re an experimental punk band, but the scope is wider than that. They bring in aspects of atmospheric rock and post rock, and bury a math rock feel under a hardcore exterior. Zeta never gets boring. Their music is in constant mutation, like a tree growing roots and branches in all different directions. Like a thousand limbs reaching out and grabbing invisible things just to pull them down and distill them into music. They’re heavily instrumental and avoid verbosity by utilizing vocals sparingly. Sometimes it’s singing, sometimes screaming, and sometimes dual vocals go back and forth. It never feels like you know what they’re going to do next.This is a band that is full of energy, but not the energy of someone with a passing coffee buzz. This is the natural, eternal energy of an intergalactic being that exists beyond the constraints of time and space. Zeta has tapped that well of power.When Zeta is playing at full blast, you’ll know. The relentless, almost virtuosic musicianship allows the band to somehow always be finding new sounds, always inventing new poetics in music’s universal tongue.