Zoo Animal

Daytrotter Session - Jan 5, 2015

Zoo Animal – Daytrotter Session – Jan 5, 2015
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. Black and Charred
  3. Black and Gold
  4. Gravedigger
  5. Laying and Lying

There’s a delightful whimsy to the despair that steams off of any Zoo Animal song. It’s one of those sensations you might get from an animal whose leg is caught in the teeth of a trap and they’ve stopped panicking. They’ve settled their nerves and they’re no longer fretting as much as they were. The pain has gotten so excruciating that the adrenaline has taken over and dulled everything out to a deceptive, cloudy gray feeling. It might just be when the delirium sets in and there’s a feeling that if anything’s going to get them out of this mess, it’s going to be entirely out of their power so they might as well allow themselves to be taken with the experience. Just let it all soak in like a good chemical bath. These are tendrils of that head space, where there’s warring dynamic of survival, or perceived well-being, and what the heart thinks it fucking wants this time.

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