Newest AS Roma Signing — 10-Year-Old Prodigy Pietro Tomaselli

Soccer Video
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Ten-year-old Belgian soccer sensation Pietro Tomaselli has been signed by AS Roma, with some help from Youtube.

According to L’Equipe Roma’s scouts became aware of Tomaselli after some YouTube clips of the talented little guy went viral. They immediately set out to bring him into their youth academy, but not without some competition. Some of the other clubs with Tomaselli on their radar include Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United and Manchester City.

The video above shows some incredible ball skills and a nose for goal. However, at 0:52 he clearly fouls the opponent to get the ball back before scoring a goal, maybe even worthy of a yellow card. I don’t really see the big deal; he is doing all of this against a bunch of 11-year-old kids …

[I’m joking, of course. Just watch the video and enjoy the skills.]