10 Awesome Videos Shot on GoPro

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When it comes to recording life’s most intense, fast-paced pursuits, the GoPro has really taken things to the next level. Whether it’s skydiving, mountain biking, rock climbing, you name it—documenting life’s most adrenaline-pumping moments never looked so good. But while the GoPro has become the go-to camera for everything outdoorsy, the truth is that plenty of GoPro’s most awe-inspiring moments don’t require pulse-pounding action to amaze. All it takes is a clever idea filmed from a unique vantage point, the best of which we’ve compiled in a list of our favorite GoPro videos:

10. Fox Sport’s Australia’s “Rugby Cam”
It’s always an added bonus when sports fans get to hear athletes mic’d up during training camp, but imagine how great it would be if referees and umpires were equipped with their own GoPro camera. Sure, it would be fun to eavesdrop on some of the chatter amongst the athletes, but think of all the profanity-laced ejections we could watch with our own front-row seat. Not to mention, the GoPro could be a terrific aid for instant replay on those close calls. To the folks at GoPro, please convince the commissioners to make this happen.

9. Skateboarding on the X-Games 16 Mega Ramp
GoPro showcases skateboarder Andy Mac during his practice run on the mega ramp from X Games 16. The ramp is so massive that Mac has to hitch a ride via golf cart up to to the top—gulp.

8. Playing Fetch in the Pool
Evidently the GoPro can attach to a dog collar easily too. The added durability of the waterproof case saves the camera from both water damage, and it can even withstand the vicisious shakes from YouTube user BimmerSchwag’s dog as he dries himself off.

7. July 4th Fireworks in Bullet Time
Coming in at a dizzying 240 frames per second, YouTube user jeremiahjw inflicts Independence Day chaos with the help of some bottle rockets and roman candles. With the display set over Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s “Dies Irae,” the intensity on this one is cranked right up to 11.

6. First-Person Fight Scene
Using a paintball helmet and plenty of duct tape, Joey Min and Christian Crosby execute a brilliantly choreographed first-person combat scene in the vein of Mortal Combat, sound effects and all. Who knew using baby powder could be such an effective method of self defense?

5. David Finlayson’s Trombone-Cam
New York Philharmonic trombonist David Finlayson’s video has to be one of the most inventive ways of using the GoPro. He also recorded another clip of what his lips look like from the inside of a trombone, a video that is equal parts fascinating and totally disturbing.

4. Driving with Dogs
Keith Hopkin was able to capture one of dog’s most simple pleasures—hanging their head out the window of a moving automobile. Although there hasn’t been a whole lot of research on the subject, dog behaviorists generally agree that dogs sticking their head out car windows has less to do with the breeze and more to do with the myriad scents they can pick up on a single cruise about town.

3. Freefall at 14,000 Feet
Falling from three miles above ground never looked so relaxing. This video is a perfect example of how the GoPro can capture such an intense moment like skydiving and create a piece of true cinematic beauty.

2. Eagle’s Eye View
If having a GoPro attached to a dog’s leash wasn’t cool enough, strapping one onto an eagle offers an even more spectacular perspective to an animal’s daily routine.

1. Fireman’s Kitten Rescue
This video made the rounds on the internet several days ago, and it has since became one of the most viral GoPro videos ever. When you watch the firefighter’s selfless attempt to rescue a kitten from a house fire, it’s easy to see why. Philly.com reported soon after that the kitten sadly did not survive the fire, but the video is a nevertheless a remarkable and touching testament to human nature at its finest.

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