House of Cards Theme Mashed Up with Full House Opening Credits

TV Video House of Cards
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The folks here at Paste can’t get enough of House of Cards, and not even binge-watching Season Two can suppress visions of Frank Underwood as he deceitfully writhes his way into our everyday lives.

For instance, take something so incredibly innocent—the Full House opening credits, maybe—and dub it over with the House of Cards theme song.

Watch as Michelle Tanner deviously plots her revenge against Jessie and Joey. Think and rethink DJ Tanner’s conspiracy to overthrow the entire family as she places a picture of herself on the fireplace mantle. And come on, Steph, that gap-toothed grin isn’t fooling anyone. Yeah, we’ve got an idea of what’s really going on in front of the Painted Ladies: world domination.

In all honesty, you could probably set the House of Cards theme song to any video and watch it turn into something ultimately evil.

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