The Mindy Project: “How to Lose a Mom in 10 Days”

(Episode 3.09)

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The Mindy Project: “How to Lose a Mom in 10 Days”

This episode of The Mindy Project was aptly titled “How to Lose a Mom in 10 Days.” Not because she loses one at the shopping mall, but because Danny has to loosen his wildly tight grip on his mother. However, when Danny’s mom starts dating, it puts a strain on their very co-dependent relationship. Thankfully, Mindy is there to help them through this change.

Peter also helps Morgan get over his break up with Tamra by getting him into the online dating scene. Which ends with Morgan on a date with Annette. Could Morgan become Danny’s new daddy?

There are all of these amazing quotes from the episode, and we take you through our favorites!

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