Our Favorite Badass Nuns Are Back in the Warrior Nun Season 2 Teaser

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Our Favorite Badass Nuns Are Back in the Warrior Nun Season 2 Teaser

During their annual Geeked Week, Netflix just dropped the first look at the second season of their hit action series Warrior Nun. The series, which will pick up in the aftermath of the battle from the show’s first season finale, will return this winter from its two-year hiatus.

For all the fans eagerly awaiting the results of the Order of the Cruciform Sword’s showdown with Adriel, which the show faded-to-black in the middle of during the final episode, it seems the results will remain a mystery, at least for now. The teaser even features Ava’s signature commentary: “I know, you want to know what happened. To tell you the truth, I’m still figuring it out myself.” After Ava’s journey of self-discovery and her new lease on life shown during the first season, Season 2 seems to find her still wanting to check elements off her bucket list.

With a number of demons and badass fight scenes, this Warrior Nun teaser definitely did not disappoint, in spite of its disturbing lack of fan-favorite Shotgun Mary. Season 2 will see our favorite nuns attempt to take down the fallen angel Adriel, while making history in the process.

Stars Alba Baptista (Ava), Tristán Ulloa (Father Vincent), Kristina Tonteri-Young (Sister Beatrice), Lorena Andrea (Sister Lilith), and Thekla Reuten (Jillian Salvius), alongside Sylvia De Fanti (Mother Superion), Olivia Delcán (Sister Camila), William Miller (Adriel), and Joaquim De Almeida (Cardinal Duretti), all appear in the trailer.

Check out the trailer below; Warrior Nun returns to Netflix this winter.

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