Behold the English-Dubbed Trailer for Dragon Ball Super: Broly

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Behold the English-Dubbed Trailer for Dragon Ball Super: Broly

If there’s one thing that Japan’s Toei Animation seems to finally have figured out, it’s that the market for Dragon Ball media is just as big in the English-speaking world as it is in Japan. The seminal martial arts manga/anime is a dynamo that never seems to stop gathering strength, even after the conclusion of its most recent series, Dragon Ball Super. Now, we’ve been given a gift as fans: Not only has Toei unveiled the trailer for the next feature film in the series, Dragon Ball Super: Broly, but they’ve released the English dub of said trailer at the same time as the Japanese original. Will wonders never cease?

As the name would imply, this film sees the return of Broly to the canon, the “Legendary” Super Saiyan who remains one of the series most enduring (if technically non-canonical until now) villains. First appearing in his own 1993 feature film and then two subsequent sequels of considerably less merit, Broly is easily recognized by his hulking physique, demonic character and pure white eyes (when in the Legendary Super Saiyan state). This version of Broly, however, would seemingly be different than any form of him we’ve seen before, as series creator Akira Toriyama seems to have written him an entirely new backstory. One can only assume that one of his major tasks will be to explain how Broly can be on par or even stronger than the likes of Goku and Vegeta, after they’ve ascended well past the level of Super Saiyan God.

Per usual, a whole new cast of characters seems to be queued up for the film, which also goes out of its way to hype its individual fights, be they “Broly vs. Vegeta,” “Broly vs. Frieza” (that should be fun) or Broly vs. Goku. It seems safe to say that there will also be some surprises—perhaps we’ll see the return of Vegito, or his fusion dance counterpart, Gogeta?

Regardless, the film is currently sporting a Dec. 14, 2018 release date in Japan, with the English dubbed American release presumably coming shortly thereafter. Check out the trailer below, and enjoy the well above-average animation quality that comes along with an increased budget.

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