The Feelies: Crazy Rhythms and The Good Earth

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The Feelies: <em>Crazy Rhythms</em> and <em>The Good Earth</em>

Crazy Rhythms - 96/100 The Good Earth - 82/100
City Mouse, Country Mouse: Hoboken’s Finest re-release their first two albums, recorded six years and stylistic worlds apart&nbsp;

Produced by fanboy Peter Buck, Good Earth replaced the debut’s jittery jamming with plenty of jangle, trading percussive franticness for a folkier, softer edge but losing little in the transition. Acoustic where the debut was electric, songs such as the title track and “Slipping (Into Something)” were insistent but not desperate, out-Velveting Lou Reed with the sort of charismatically taciturn, downbeat acceptance that came to mark The Feelies’ latter-day career. They’d go on to make two more albums and eventually disappear altogether for more than a decade (Million moved to Florida in 1991 without leaving his bandmates so much as a forwarding address). But those first two Feelies records remain a bipolar testament to a band at the peak of its creative powers.

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