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Aidan Knight: <i>Each Other</i> Review

An astute observer of intimate endeavors, Aidan Knight maintains the introspective gaze that found him making a mark with his bewitching debut, Small Reveal, in 2012. Hushed and deliberative, his sophomore set Each Other places the emphasis on nuance, as manifest in the low cast gaze that shrouds the album overall. Subtlety is the key component here; on songs such as “Each Other,” “Black Dream” and “All Clear,” the melodies barely rise above a whisper, but the atmosphere and ambiance create a special fascination all its own.

Recorded in Kingston, Ontario with producer Marcus Paquin (The National, Stars, etc.) at the helm, it finds Knight cognisant of the smallest details – a swelling chorus on “The Funeral Singers,” the delicate designs woven into “Each Other,” the steady and deliberate pacing of “What Light (Never Grows Dim),” and singularly sprightly tempo of “The Arp” – all of which contribute to the hypnotic allure that proves so seductive throughout. The dry delivery makes the material appear aloof and yet at the same time, strangely seductive, belying any introspective intent. It’s a carefully considered set of songs, one that’s quiet and constrained, yet flush with its own sense of desire and determination.

Still, some might find Aidan’s penchant for sobriety a bit too despondent, and indeed, this is not the kind of record one would select to get a party going at full throttle. Rather, it’s best suited as mood music for the morning after, when the pace is slow and the prospect of a lazy afternoon with nothing more to do than simply drift about becomes the entire total of accomplishment. Somber and yet stirring, Each Other is an album that encourages shoe gazing, day dreaming and simply settling into quiet contemplation.

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