Watch New Trailer for David Byrne's Documentary Contemporary Color

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We finally have an official trailer for the documentary version of David Byrne’s Contemporary Color, a performance event that combined 10 color guard teams and 10 musicians into one spectacular musical collaboration—watch above.

Competitive color guard (usually referred to as “winterguard”) teams synchronize dance with flag, saber and rifle movements to create one unified show usually lasting three to five minutes. It’s a complex and highly intensive sport that has flown under the radar of major news outlets and mainstream culture since its inception. However, color guard does have one big fan in David Byrne, who said in a statement, “I think it’s a wonderful, peculiar, under-appreciated and very creative artform and that deserves to be seen and experienced—in a slightly different context, by a wider public.” Contemporary Color took place in June 2015 at Barclay Center, and combined artistry and music into “the biggest glitter cannon show of your life.” An impressive listing of musicians performed at the event, including Nelly Furtado, Lucius, Devonté Hynes and the glorious St. Vincent. The best color guard teams in the word performed in conjunction with the musicians, including Alter Ego, Les Eclipses and the Brigadiers. Contemporary Color will be released in select theaters on March 1, and the digital copy is available for preorder here. Watch below for some of our favorite color guard performances.