Fans Can Stay in the Hotel Room J.K. Rowling Vandalized After Completing Deathly Hallows

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We now know what Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling did shortly upon completing the last book in her internationally best-selling series.

Rowling celebrated a major career milestone with her fans and followers over Twitter on Monday, posting that Jan. 11 marked the nine-year anniversary of finishing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

According to the tweet, nearly a decade ago the author commemorated the moment by vandalizing her hotel room. More specifically, she defaced a statue of Greek god Hermes with her signature and a small note that let readers know where and when she finished the final installment of her wizarding series.

Following the defacement, Rowling then promptly told on herself, informing the hotel staff of the celebratory graffiti. Instead of charging Rowling for clean-up the Balmoral Hotel, Edinburgh, turned the room into a shrine.

The hotel renamed the room in Rowling’s honor and has left the very same furniture the author used while writing the novel intact. Even better, you can stay in the room for about $1,400 a night. It’s a steep price to experience a major moment in Harry Potter history.

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