Adam Driver And Kate McKinnon Bring Lightsabers To A Diner In SNL Promo

Comedy Video Adam Driver
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Saturday Night Live makes its return this weekend, and Adam Driver and Kate McKinnon got to have a little fun with the promo.

Driver, the Star Wars superstar and this week’s host, sits with McKinnon side-by-side in a booth at a diner, and the two perform a couple quirky vignettes. They shove their faces full of food; McKinnon gets Driver out of an momentary bout with anxiety, reminiscent of his role in Girls; and yes, we do get to see Kylo Ren’s notorious cross-guarded lightsaber (matched by McKinnon’s green one and an expertly delivered “Chill, brother”). The two have a nice comedic chemistry, which bodes well for the upcoming show.

Chris Stapleton, this week’s musical guest, will join Driver and the rest of the SNL cast on Jan. 16.