SNL and Adele Save Us from Family with "A Thanksgiving Miracle"

Comedy Video Adele
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It’s already begun for some of you. You’re back home for Thanksgiving holiday, dreading the miserable political talk guaranteed to pop up at some point over the next week. There’s a good chance it’ll be worse than ever this year, given some of the people running for president, and the increasingly fractious nature of our country’s political discourse. Somebody you are related to will be an asshole. Maybe you will be an asshole.

According to Saturday Night Live, there’s only one way to avoid those uncomfortable arguments over the dinner table this week, and it involves Adele. Take a look at this beautifully crafted video from last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live, and try to argue that living in an Adele video isn’t somehow better than fighting with your cousin about Syrian refugees. Here’s hoping your Thanksgiving is more like this and less like whatever happened last year.