Everybody Loves Cats the Musical in This Exclusive Baroness Von Sketch Show Clip

Comedy News Baroness Von Sketch Show
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Everybody Loves <i>Cats</i> the Musical in This Exclusive <i>Baroness Von Sketch Show</i> Clip

Baroness Von Sketch Show wraps up its latest season on IFC tonight, with two new, back-to-back episodes, and in one of them the struggle over a pair of Cats tickets tears an office apart in low-key, passive-aggressive chatter. What happens when you have one ticket to a new Cats revival and a dozen or so coworkers who want to go? And then what happens when one of those coworkers is so very clearly more into Cats than any of the others—like, to a grossly unhealthy degree? Baroness Von Sketch Show kindly answers these timeless questions for all of us in one of tonight’s sketches. Check out the first minute of that sketch below, and tune into the show’s season finale tonight on IFC at midnight.