Comedy Central's Corporate Reveals the Differences in How Women and Men Get Ready for Work in This Exclusive Clip

Comedy Features Corporate
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Comedy Central's <i>Corporate</i> Reveals the Differences in How Women and Men Get Ready for Work in This Exclusive Clip

There’s a single message at the black, shriveled up heart of Comedy Central’s Corporate: corporate life will kill you. That might sound obvious and cynical, but it always needs to be said, and everyone here at Paste who has first-hand experience working as a faceless drone for some massive uncaring company knows how true it is. Cubicles, corporate speak, and stabbing monotonously at computer keyboards all day will suck out your soul, which might provide a second or two of sustenance to capitalism’s ravening maw before its moves on to the next victim, but otherwise is just a long, slow, rarely lucrative-enough way to kill time until your own personal clock strikes zero.

It’s not just the time and emotional labor that goes into hanging out in a depressing office with annoying strangers to make money for rich assholes that makes work such a tragedy. There’s also the time and stress it takes to get ready for work. Of course that time and stress is typically far worse for one type of employee, one that already gets the short end of the corporate stick at almost every possible point: women.

In this short clip Corporate succinctly shows how much worse women have it than men when it comes to getting ready for work each morning. As Anne Dudek’s Kate rises early for yoga and exercise, Ingebretson sleeps in late. Dudek goes through a complicated skincare routine while Ingebretson keeps hitting the snooze button. Eventually they make it to work, and, well, we’re not going to spoil it for you, but it’s a pretty good punchline, and another example of how Corporate isn’t just dark for the hell of it, but actually has a solid point to make most of the time.

Check out the clip below, and remember, the next time a woman on your floor loses her temper or grip on reality, it’s almost definitely society’s fault. And then catch the full episode of Corporate on Comedy Central tomorrow at 10:30 p.m.