The Funniest Tweets from Last Night's Democratic Debate

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The Funniest Tweets from Last Night's Democratic Debate

Oh hey, there was another mostly useless debate between too many Democratic candidates for president last night. I was barely aware of it this time, even though it’s in my own home town. It’s easy to forget about these things now because they’re so fundamentally pointless and just a general waste of time for everybody involved (and especially for Tom Steyer, who does actually exist). Think about it—we’re still like 10 or 11 months away from the first debate between the two parties’ presidential candidates. And that’s assuming Trump doesn’t break from all norms once again and cancel all debates—assuming Trump, who is, of course, currently being impeached, even runs for reelection next year. These endless debates put on by a rotating crew of cable networks are nothing more than ratings ploys, and sadly ratings ploys that tend to actually bring in ratings. Ugh. Everything is exhausting today, especially these damn debates.

Anyway. Politics suck. Jokes sometimes don’t. Here are some good jokes from Twitter about last night’s debate. You will learn more from reading any single one of these tweets than you would have watching the entire debate last night. That’s the truth.

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