The Funniest Tweets about Trump's Unhinged Week: Greenland, "The King of Israel," "The Chosen One" and More

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The Funniest Tweets about Trump's Unhinged Week: Greenland, "The King of Israel," "The Chosen One" and More

It’s only Wednesday, and here’s the week our president has already has:

1. He decided he wanted to buy Greenland, and then insulted and cancelled a meeting with Denmark’s Prime Minister when she understandably refused to sell us the rapidly disappearing island.

2. He retweeted a fringe conspiracy theorist who called the President “the King of Israel” and claimed that Israelis treat Trump like “the second coming of God”.

3. And then just earlier today he cut out the middleman and straight up claimed divinity for himself, looking to the sky and calling himself “The Chosen One” when discussing his trade war with China.

This is all on top of the typical and expected Trump madness—claiming that prominent Democrats “hate all Jews,” calling any Jewish American who votes for Democrats disloyal and stupid, and engaging in a very public (and very petty) feud with fellow jackass (and former press secretary) Anthony Scaramucci.

(Aaaaaaaaaaand breaking: apparently earlier today Trump said he was looking into doing away with birthright citizenship, even though that’s codified in the Constitution. Dude doesn’t know a damn thing.)

Trump’s manifest incompetence has never really been funny. It’s easy to make jokes about how consistently and completely ridiculous he is, but they have the tenor and tone of the jokes Romanians told about former dictator Nicolae Ceausescu—grim commiseration over how frightening the leadership of our country has become. I don’t feel comfortable joking about any of the stuff I just listed out above, especially the rank antisemitism, but when you’re in a situation that feels this hopeless it can help to make fun of it all. So here are the funniest tweets about all of Trump’s latest lies, bigotry and blasphemies. And as always, if any of these comments makes you laugh, consider following whoever wrote them on the cursed catastrophe that is Twitter.

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