Is Trump's Greatest Inspiration as an Orator an Aqua Teen Hunger Force Character?

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Is Trump's Greatest Inspiration as an Orator an <i>Aqua Teen Hunger Force</i> Character?

Deadspin wasn’t the first to recognize that Donald Trump talks a lot like Master Shake from Aqua Teen Hunger Force. If you google “Donald Trump” “Master Shake” you’ll see hits going back to over a year and a half ago. They did go to the extra effort of laying some of Trump’s ridiculous anti-NFL tirade from Friday night over an Aqua Teen clip, though, and since our business is one of sharing and faving and general commiseration, let’s all take a look at it together. It’s definitive proof that Trump’s greatest inspiration as a orator isn’t a former president or statesmen, or even a talk show host or pro wrestler, but a petty, irritable cartoon character. The Instagram clip is embedded below, and if you want to check out the original Deadspin post in full (it’s by Timothy Burke, it’s titled “The Wisdom of a Milkshake President,” it’s filed under “whimsy”) you can go here.

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Our president, the milkshake.

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