Trump's 9/11 Fist-Pumping Photoshop Battle Needs to Be Seen

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Trump's 9/11 Fist-Pumping Photoshop Battle Needs to Be Seen

It’s not surprising that Donald Trump (who, yes, is actually our president) embarrassed himself on 9/11 today. It’d be way more shocking if he commemorated this tragedy with the respect and solemnity it deserves. Trump isn’t just incapable of doing or saying anything remotely presidential; he’s incapable of ever acting like a human being, in any context, with any amount of empathy or compassion or dignity. Trump embarrassing himself and his nation is the Trump brand now, and there’s no way to change that. You just don’t walk back from blatant racism or supporting white nationalism, even if you aren’t the president. Still, despite being a daily hopeless disaster, there’s still a level of knee-jerk, reactive shock to seeing a photo like this:

Because pumping your fists and gritting your teeth like you’re walking out at a campaign rally is how a real president pays tribute on 9/11, as Jeanine Pirro and Lou Dobbs no doubt reported on Fox News tonight.

The upside to Trump always being irreducibly Trump is that moments like this can inspire some (grim, harsh, unbecoming?) chuckles. Comic creator Rob Sheridan stripped everything out of this photo except for Trump, and sent it out to the internet for anybody with Photoshop (or, uh, other photo editing software) to play with. Some of the results are legitimately funny. Here are the best images from this Photoshop battle, as found on Twitter.

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