Watch Jimmy Fallon's Touching Introduction to the New Tonight Show

Comedy Video Jimmy Fallon
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Last night Jimmy Fallon became the sixth host of The Tonight Show, the most coveted and prestigious title in late night. There were bells, there were whistles. There was a brand new New York studio, there were The Roots, there were guest appearances, there were the highest of high profile headliners: Will Smith and U2. But before all of that, Fallon delivered a heartfelt monologue about his life and what it means be the new host of The Tonight Show as a 39-year-old New Yorker with a loving wife and six-month-old daughter.

Fallon detailed his childhood in upstate New York—his parents were both in the audience—and how when he was young he begged mom and dad to let him stay up and watch Johnny Carson, and things got a little emotional when he entertained the possibility that kids today would beg their parents to let them stay up and watch him. Touching stuff. Watch the whole thing above.

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