John Mulaney Talks about His Saturday Night Live Career, from Audition to Hosting

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John Mulaney Talks about His <i>Saturday Night Live</i> Career, from Audition to Hosting

Saturday Night Live’s short YouTube documentary series Stories from the Show has been a must-watch for comedy nerds for a while now, and it maybe just released its best episode yet. In the latest installment John Mulaney walks us through his 12-year history with the show so far, from his audition in 2008, to his four years as a writer, to his eventual return as a multi-time host. It’s full of life lessons for future SNL writers (which, yes, is a very niche audience) and more odd stories of Lorne Michaels’ inscrutable personality, and the whole thing is shot through with Mulaney’s trademark intelligence and self-deprecation. And it even includes clips from the SNL auditions of Mulaney, Bobby Moynihan, Donald Glover, Ellie Kemper and more. It’s definitely worth a watch if you’re at all a fan of Mulaney or SNL, regardless of how you might feel about the current product. Check it out below, and find earlier episodes at the official SNL YouTube channel.