Watch John Oliver Break Down the Problem With Trump’s Border Patrol Expansion

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Watch John Oliver Break Down the Problem With Trump’s Border Patrol Expansion

“The border. The boundary that is incredibly tough to smuggle a monkey across … I am told,” says John Oliver as he begins his exploration of Trump’s current and impending border control policies. While most of us are familiar with Trump’s big ass wall plan—which even Trump admits could be defeated by a ladder and a rope—that’s in no way the extent of what he wants to achieve. Specifically, Trump signed an executive order adding 5,000 more border patrol agents. Trump’s goal for the agents is to make it such that “drugs are not going to be flowing across like gravy.” Unsurprisingly, Oliver doesn’t see this as a great idea.

For the ensuing 20 minutes or so, Oliver digs into the problems behind expanding the border patrol so extensively and so quickly. According to Oliver, border patrol agents must split their duties between humanitarian efforts for migrants who are crossing legally or illegally—such as those fleeing violence in Central America who have a legal path into the country—and chasing down criminals. As such, agents need a very particular disposition and level of training to perform each aspect of their job well. One fear is that by rapidly expanding the number of agents, there won’t be time to thoroughly vet each agent, actually opening America up to more problems.

And before this comes across as a simple opinion, Oliver digs into the last major border patrol surge we had under Bush, and the problems that manifested as a result. It’s fascinating and yet another important deep dive into an issue Americans just don’t know enough about.

Watch the full clip above.