The Phil Collins Classic "In the Air Tonight" Has Never Been Better

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The Phil Collins Classic "In the Air Tonight" Has Never Been Better

I know most of us have been down on the internet over the last few years, but sometimes the old information superhighway tosses up the kind of content Tim Berners-Lee had in mind when he single-handedly cobbled the World Wide Web together back in 1989. This is one of those moments.

You should be familiar with “In the Air Tonight.” Unquestionably the best song by Phil Collins, this stark classic suffers from no lack of drama despite its minimal instrumentation. That’s what made it such a perfect fit for Miami Vice’s first episode, and why it inspired a silly urban legend that persists to this day. “In the Air Tonight” has never been more dramatic, or more powerful, than it is in this video, though, which was posted on Twitter early this morning by the account @UnusualVideos. (Given the nature of Twitter and accounts with names like “Unusual Videos,” it’s highly likely this was originally posted by somebody else under a different account; if you have any info about that, please don’t hesitate to contact us, so we can give credit where it’s due.)

Hit play below to see the kind of majesty that Collins could only dream of when he was just laying down some tracks in the studio. And make sure you have that volume up on your phone or computer.

Pretty amazing, right? Man, this almost makes up for all the terrible things the internet has unleashed upon society over the last two decades. Thanks, deer!

Meanwhile, if you want to hear the real “In the Air Tonight” in all of its glory, here’s Phil Collins performing it live at the Tower Theater in Philadelphia on Dec. 12, 1982.