Rick and Morty Recorded a Birthday Song for Kanye West

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<i>Rick and Morty</i> Recorded a Birthday Song for Kanye West

Kanye West is a big Rick and Morty fan. That makes a tremendous amount of sense. Yesterday was his birthday—happy 41st, Ye!—and in tribute Justin Roiland, the co-creator of Rick and Morty, recorded him a special birthday song. Kim Kardashian West shared it with the world via Twitter, and, well, here we all are, looking at (or maybe typing up) this here web content about it. If the world’s top web content scientists tried to create the ideal viral event in pristine lab conditions, they probably couldn’t beat “Kim Kardashian shares Rick and Morty rap about Kanye.” The world has its problems—massive, crushing, probably unsolvable problems—but no matter what happens from here on out, we’ll always have this Rick and Morty rap wishing Kanye a happy birthday. At least until Kardashian deletes the tweet.

Listen to it below, and get excited for an absolutely absurd 70 new Rick and Morty episodes that’ll probably be dribbled out periodically over the next 20 years.