Borat Canvasses for Trump on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Comedy Features Sacha Baron Cohen
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Borat Canvasses for Trump on <i>Jimmy Kimmel Live</i>

Sacha Baron Cohen brought Borat out of mothballs on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night in order to canvass for Donald Trump in a Los Angeles suburb. If the soft reception to Baron Cohen’s Showtime show Who Is America had you pining for those glory days of the early-to-mid-oughts, when Borat exposed the racism and ignorance bubbling up during the George W. Bush era, you might feel a warm nostalgic glow over seeing our man from Kazakhstan again. Or maybe you’ll feel a little depressed over how inexplicably popular this stuff was 12 to 15 years ago, and by your own complicity in turning that Borat movie into such a cultural phenomenon. (Uh, if you can’t tell, we’re feeling a little conflicted here, okay?) Either way, get a blast from the distant past with this video below, where Baron Cohen dons his Eurasian traveler kit and gets old white people to say terrible things on TV again.