Samantha Bee and Glenn Beck Unite to Fight a Common Enemy

Comedy Video Samantha Bee
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Samantha Bee and Glenn Beck are about as ideologically opposed as two people can be. Still, the pair recognize that now is the time for common ground, and so Beck and Bee had a wonderful heart to heart, complete with Christmas sweaters, on last night’s Full Frontal.

During the interview, the pair attempted to find common ground, and Beck, who used to have a show on Fox News, seemed genuinely conciliatory about the way that he’d used his platform. Beck’s been a vocal opponent of Trump in recent months, and seems genuinely upset by the fact that he may have had a hand in the man’s rise to power.

On the flip side, Bee recognizes that animosity between Republicans and Democrats may not be the best way forward. The pair closed out the interview by reaching out toward one another, literally, and uniting despite their many, many differences.

Welcome this strange new reality above.

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