Samantha Bee is Back, and She Just Wants Reporters and Moderators to Do Their Jobs

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Full Frontal is back, and it’s just as angry as ever. This week, Samantha Bee has decided to tackle the imbalance in the 2016 presidential campaign coverage. Basically, Trump’s having a much easier time, and Sam Bee isn’t happy about it. Everyone’s favorite punching bag Matt Lauer gets hit again here, this time over his inept interviews with both Clinton and Trump during last week’s Commander-in-Chief Forum.

Bee attacked Lauer for using the time that Clinton was supposed to spend discussing her foreign policy to instead grill her on her emails. Then, when the time finally came for Clinton to answer questions from the veterans who made up the audience, she was encouraged to do so as quickly as possible by Lauer. After playing footage of Lauer dressed up as a girl from Baywatch, Bee then suggests that “Maybe this Halloween he can dress up like a journalist.”

Then, when Donald Trump came along, Lauer was more than a little lax. Bee uses Lauer’s lackluster moderation to point out that, in this campaign season, the viewer is expected to draw their own conclusions, even when it comes to the facts. Bee points out that there’s a difference between the facts people perceive and the ones that actually exist.

“Why can’t the media just tell us what’s true?” asks Bee, wondering aloud what many have been thinking for months. Bee suggests there’s a need to suggest both candidates are equally flawed that makes coverage of the two candidates imbalanced. She’s actually not the first late-night host to make that suggestion. Check out part one of Bee’s fiery piece above, and part two below.

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