African-Americans and Trump Supporters Have More in Common Than You Think, SNL Says

Comedy Video Saturday Night Live
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In its smartest, most incisive political sketch in years, Saturday Night Live argues that poor blacks and poor whites who support Trump have way more in common than most people might realize. “Black Jeopardy” is a recurring sketch where an awkward white man winds up on a black-centric episode of Jeopardy. Typically the white guest is completely ignorant of black culture, getting every question wrong and eventually saying something unintentionally racist. Last night’s version completely flipped the equation, though, with Tom Hanks’s Trump supporter answering every question in a way that perfectly fits both the stereotype of a rural, blue collar Trump supporter and the black stereotypes the sketch normally plays with. As our SNL critic Chris White wrote in his review, it’s “a credible snapshot of America at the lower end of the socio-economic ladder” and a perfect example of “how the show can reinvigorate itself while bringing power back to sketch comedy.”

Click the link above to see it for yourself.