Chance the Rapper Pleads "Come Back, Barack" in One of SNL's Best Sketches in Months

Comedy Video Saturday Night Live
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It’s been less than a year since Barack Obama left office and yet that absence feels stronger and sharper every time a new @RealDonaldTrump tweet flashes across our phone. Yeah, he was far from perfect, but at least he had dignity and a touch of class. People miss him.

SNL beautifully captured that longing last night in one of its best sketches of the year. Chance the Rapper, Kenan Thompson and Chris Redd sing a ballad of heartbreak in a pitch-perfect parody of Boyz II Men, but instead of a woman it’s a president with any sense of decorum that they miss. It’s an ideal hit for these sullied, diminished times that we have suddenly found ourselves in these past several months.

Check it out above and when you’re done watch this other musical moment from last night’s SNL, as Chance gives the world the Thanksgiving song it deserves.

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