Watch Larry David's Controversial SNL Monologue

Comedy Video Saturday Night Live
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Larry David hosted Saturday Night Live last night, and, well, some people aren’t too happy with his monologue. His very Larry David-esque routine about a Costanza-ish Quasimodo refusing to date anybody other than the hottest woman in Paris died a cringeworthy death, but that’s not where the controversy starts. It wasn’t the quality of any jokes that spawned complaints on social media, but the content: David used the recent sexual abuse scandal involving Harvey Weinstein as the set-up to wondering if David still would’ve been checking out women all the time if he was in a concentration camp during World War II. It’s definitely grim stuff, and it’s not particularly funny (and David clearly realizes this entire monologue is bombing the whole way through), but it’s hard to see where it crosses any kind of a line. Jewish comedians such as David have been making Holocaust-adjacent jokes for years. This just wasn’t the time or place for it, though, coming after that stinker of a Quasimodo joke, and using Weinstein’s predatory behavior as a launchpad was ill-advised. But hey, David’s entire comedy career hinges on the appearance of awkwardness and ill-advised behavior, so it’s kind of in keeping with his whole schtick. Either way, you can watch the monologue above, and decide for yourself.

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