John Oliver Rips Trump and WWE for Their Saudi Arabia Connections

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John Oliver Rips Trump and WWE for Their Saudi Arabia Connections

Anger over Saudi Arabia isn’t subsiding. Last week the country was accused of orchestrating the disappearance and murder of a Saudi journalist who fled to America. That’s on top of its longstanding human rights violations, from bombing civilians in Yemen, to jailing political prisoners, to executing gays and non-violent offenders. Despite the new crown prince’s tireless efforts to convince the rest of the world that Saudi Arabia is becoming a progressive, more forward-thinking country under his watch, it’s still run by a brutal and repressive regime.

The disappearance of journalist Jamal Khashoggi has finally inspired many Western businesses and leaders to distance themselves from Saudi Arabia. There have been at least two notable exceptions, though, and John Oliver targets them both in the main segment from last night’s episode of Last Week Tonight. Donald Trump hasn’t been especially forceful in criticizing the Saudi government, and World Wrestling Entertainment is still planning on running a massive and highly lucrative wrestling show in Saudi Arabia on Nov. 2. Oliver runs down what that means and why it’s such a bad look for both of them, as you can see below. And if you want to read more about WWE’s business arrangement to effectively help make propaganda for Saudi Arabia, read our in-depth look at it right here.

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