Squidbillies is Doing Halloween and Thanksgiving Specials This Year

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Squidbillies is one of the best shows in Adult Swim’s storied and strange history, so it shouldn’t take much to convince you to watch its forthcoming Halloween and Thanksgiving specials.

That might explain why Adult Swim hasn’t provided much information to go on for the specials. Halloween’s “Squash B’Gosh” will somehow see somebody’s jealousy causing the apocalypse, and Thanksgiving’s “Thanks-Takin” will find Rusty bringing a new friend to Thanksgiving dinner.

“Squash B’Gosh” will air on Sunday, Oct. 30 and “Thanks-Takin” on Sunday, Nov. 20, both at midnight on Adult Swim. You can see teaser images for the episodes below.

“Squash B’Gosh”

Squidbillies Halloween Teaser Full.jpg


Squidbillies Thanksgiving Teaser Full.jpg