The Funniest Tweets About Trump’s State of the Union Address

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The Funniest Tweets About Trump’s State of the Union Address

No long-winded preamble this time. Donald Trump, a rat colony in a man suit, read Stephen Miller’s speech off a screen tonight, in front of a Congress that is either totally over his bullshit or totally still cool with riding that bullshit in hopes of getting even more tax cuts out of it. Trump was Trump: a braggart and a blowhard who thinks he can get his way by disrespecting his opponents into submission. Oh, and he’s racist, too. Don’t forget that part.

Look, if you watched this thing, you knew what you were getting into. An asshole was going to say hateful stuff that got applause from a bunch of other assholes, and the non-assholes in the room were going to be limited to symbolic actions like not applauding and wearing all white. The State of the Union is a pointless spectacle full of empty bluster aimed squarely at a president’s base, and the only worthwhile reaction to it in 2019 is to simply mock the hell out of the way. Trump deserves no respect, and the State of the Union deserves no respect, so let’s just use Twitter to give ‘em all the disrespect they richly deserve.

Here are the funniest tweets we could scrounge up about this farce. Go ahead and follow all the folks who wrote ‘em—the only thing Twitter is good for are some grim chuckles amid the slow dismantling of human life, and these folks can dish ‘em up but good.

Oh yeah: that kid asleep in the photo above is Joshua Trump (no relation). He was one of the president’s guests of honor tonight, invited because he was being bullied because of his last name. I don’t know (or care) if he has any political beliefs at all (hopefully he’s still pure and innocent), but I can guarantee you that every person in that room, and every person watching or listening to Trump’s speech, wanted to do exactly what Joshua was doing when that photo was taken.

Okay, joke time.

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