The Funniest Thanksgiving Tweets of 2020

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The Funniest Thanksgiving Tweets of 2020

It’s only fitting that 2020’s Thanksgiving is the weirdest one ever. After all, it’s still 2020. COVID disrupts holidays as much as it disrupts everything else—at least if you’re responsible and are trying to prevent the spread of the virus. If you just don’t give a hell about getting your parents sick, perhaps your Thanksgiving was relatively normal this year. Still, from the truncated, crowd-less Macy’s parade, to a Lions / Texans game that had no fans in the stand, to a dog show whose audience was made up of giant cardboard cutout of other dogs, it was impossible to make it through this Thanksgiving without noticing the impact of the pandemic.

Hopefully you just stayed home and got absolutely blackout drunk while trying to watch Ric Flair’s greatest matches—which is basically what I do every Thanksgiving already.

Thanksgiving normally inspires a bunch of great and hilarious tweets, and with the extra edge of the pandemic messing this one up, this year’s holiday was more rife for good jokes than usual. Here are the best and funniest tweets about Thanksgiving in 2020, from comedians, writers, and other notable Twitter accounts. Read ‘em, like ‘em or share ‘em, follow the people who wrote ‘em, and then get ready to relive today again when the next holiday rolls around in just a few weeks.

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