Watch an Exclusive Clip from Trevor Noah's Netflix Stand-up Special

Comedy Video Trevor Noah
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If you’re lucky and work hard you might just get to live out your dreams. Take Trevor Noah: as he explains in this clip from his new Netflix stand-up special, Afraid of the Dark, the South African comedian always hoped to one day make it to New York City (and almost get run over by a cab once he’s there). Of course he’s not just performing in New York City today, but living there, and hosting one of the most important and beloved TV shows of the last twenty or so years. Noah will no doubt talk about The Daily Show at some point during Afraid of the Dark, but for now watch him wax briefly on his enduring love of the Big Apple, and his dream of one day possibly getting killed by one of its taxi drivers.

Afraid of the Dark debuts on Netflix on Tuesday, Feb. 21, 2017.

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