HBO Asks "Who Shot Gamby?" in New Vice Principals Season Two Teaser, Poster

Comedy Video Vice Principals
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HBO’s underrated dark comedy Vice Principals is coming around again in September, and the network has released a new promo and poster for the show’s second and final semester today.

When last we saw Neil Gamby (Danny McBride), things weren’t going super well for him: He was gut-shot, lying in the North Jackson High School parking lot. Thankfully for us, the co-principal survived, and is back in action with a cane in hand and vengeance in his heart. HBO angles for their own “Who Shot J.R.?” in this new teaser, centering the promo clip around Gamby’s quest to find and fuck up his attacker, and offering us a quick refresher on all the suspects. (Our money is on Walton Goggins’ Lee Russell, obviously. That sneaky snake won’t stop until he’s principal.)

Vice Principals returns to HBO in all its batshit glory on Sept. 17 at 10:30 p.m. EDT. Watch the hilarious and intense “Who Shot Gamby?” teaser above, revisit the show’s previous teaser here and see the new season’s striking promo art below.

VicePrincipals WhoShotMe.jpg