Watch Matthew McConaughey, Emma Stone and Others Read Mean Tweets About Themselves

Comedy Video
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Sure, being in the movies can bring you fame and fortune, but it also gives millions of people a chance to hate your freakin’ guts. In the latest installment of Jimmy Kimmel Live!’s “Mean Tweets,” Hollywood stars like Julia Roberts and Ashton Kutcher get to see just how deeply this hatred runs. The answer, it turns out, is really, really, insanely deep.

Reading their critics aloud, it’s clear that these celebrities get their feelings hurt just like anyone else, even if it they have a “gigantic mouth” or are a “p—-y hoe.” Even Matthew McConaughey, Mr. Rust Cohle himself, seems a bit taken a back when @dippi_mufc calls him a “d—k turd.” “What the f—k’s a d**k turd?” asks McConaughey, tackling what might be his greatest mystery yet. Check it out above.