Welcome To WellDeserved: A Satirical Marketplace For Privilege

Comedy Video
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As WellDeserved founder Kasima Tharnpipitchai explains, “Privilege goes unused every single day. Why would we waste any of it?” That’s why there’s WellDeserved, the premiere marketplace for privilege. For those of you who have a pretty damn good life, you can now rent out your privilege to those less #blessed, such as charging $10 if you’re a Google employee for the free lunch the company provides you, hailing a cab if you’re a white person for someone who’s not so lucky or making your male privilege available to women by walking alongside them to prevent catcalling. Have you caught on yet?

WellDeserved is the well-deserved grand prize winner of Comedy Hack Day, a weekend-long event taking place in San Francisco produced by Cultivated Wit that brings tech developers and comedians together to develop projects and pitch ideas to a “panel of judges and a whiskey-filled audience.” This sounds like our kind of event. They’ll be in NYC next on May 15-17.

WellDeserved even has its own website, boasting a very sleek and elegant design, very similar to what you might find with other apps. The site details the three simple steps in how to use the app, including just pressing the “Expect It” button to book a privilege. You can see other options that the more fortunate can offer such as a ride on the Google Bus, a “sweet spot in Dolo” (meaning Dolores Park in SF) and dental care. They’re all separated into handy little categories such as tech, male, white, hipster and other.

You can watch the hilarious promo video for the WellDeserved app above and also visit their website here.